These 5 AI Tools Are Breaking the Internet: Find Out Why

Somewhere in San Francisco, a small business owner, Sarah, got overwhelmed by a high volume of customer inquiries,  social media management and data analysis. Luckily, she finds an AI-powered chatbot that will change her life and business. In less than a week:

  • Customer inquiries are answered promptly
  • Her social media post are scheduled and published automatically
  • She get detailed analytic reports without lifting a finger (tedious task that requires an analytic mind)

Sarah has found the power of AI tools and her business is thriving like never before.

This story is not unique to Sarah. In the fast-paced digital world, people and businesses alike are discovering the immense value AI tools bring.

From automating boring and tedious tasks to providing insightful data analytics. AI is nesting itself into our daily lives.

How AI Works

Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks that would usually need human intelligence. Task like:

  • Learning
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Perception
  • Language understanding

In other words: AI is about creating machines that think and learn like humans, but without human limitation like fatigue and also at a much faster pace.

These tools are revolutionizing how industries work, changing the way we work, the way we live, and even the way we play.

AI’s significance cannot be overstated. By automating routine tasks and delivering precise insights through data analysis, it enhances customer engagement for businesses.

As an individual, you can simplify daily tasks, learn new skills, and discover your untapped creativity.

From Siri on your iPhone to the recommendation algorithms on Netflix, AI is everywhere. 

Today, we will explore the best and most fine tuned AI tools.


ChatGPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI. A fantastic example of a free tool that is causing tsunami waves in the digital world. Launched in 2022 and has since made a significant impact because of the detailed and articulate responses across various knowledge domains.

This comes from the tech it is built upon. “Chat” is self explanatory. GTP means “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. 

Simply put; it is a  computer program that knows a lot about words and sentences. It can have conversations with people. It’s like having a smart assistant who can help answer questions or chat with you. ChatGTP was trained to be great at talking to people. It learned from lots of examples of conversations and was taught by humans to be even better. This training made it really good at understanding and responding to what people say.

Example Input ChatGPT

I wrote this:

You are now an expert in movies. It’s hard to find a good movie today so I want you to recommend 3 great movies based on what I’ve watched before. I watched “The Arrival”, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, and “Waterworld.

ai tools

The Answer:

“Sure, I’d be happy to recommend some films based on your previous watches. It seems like you enjoy a mixture of genres including science fiction, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic themes. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Interstellar (2014): If you enjoyed the contemplative and cerebral nature of “Arrival,” you might appreciate “Interstellar.” Directed by Christopher Nolan, this film also tackles profound questions about time, space, and humanity’s place in the universe.
  2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012): As you liked “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” you might enjoy exploring more of the world of Middle Earth. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is the first film in another trilogy based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): Given your interest in “Waterworld,” which is a post-apocalyptic film, I would recommend “Mad Max: Fury Road.” This action-packed movie offers a gritty and intense look at a post-apocalyptic world.”

Now, Mad Max is one of my favourite movies and so is Hobbit. Never saw Interstellar and I will probably enjoy it.

Do you have Snapchat? Then you might have gotten a new friend “AI”. It is powered by ChatGPT. If you haven’t tried it out, then do so.

Descript  (Ultra-Realistic Voice Cloning)

Descript in all-in-one software to edit videos, audios, screen recording, and transcribe efficiently. Creating podcasts, Youtube videos or interviewing someone can be a daunting task. This AI makes it as simple as editing a Word document and eliminates the need to learn complex tools that require you to hire a professional.

Clone Your Voice

The only reason I included this tool is because you can clone your voice. 

Simply put, upload a 10 minute audio clip of you talking about stuff, doesn’t matter what you say. 

Upload your audio recording and let the AI do the rest.

Then you can type anything you wish. Hit play and you will hear yourself saying exactly that. Creators are using this to create Youtube videos without recording, instead they write a script.

You need at least 10 minutes of your voice to get a clear output. Imagine the possibilities with this tool. Do we have a recording of Stephen Hawking somewhere?


WordTune is an advanced AI that understands the nuances of human language. When you type a sentence, this tool analyses it and suggests ways you can enhance your writing. The suggestion is not just a simple synonym or to fix a grammatical error.


This is a sentence I wrote before edit:

This tool looks at your sentence from multiple angles and offers rephrasing to make your sentence clear, fluent and in-line with your original goal you have for your writing.

Now with this powerful AI, my sentence is rephrased:

The tool analyzes your sentence from multiple angles and provides you with rephrasing suggestions to make it clear, fluent, and in line with your original goal.

I even went further:

ai tools

Final Output

Your sentence is analyzed from multiple angles and rephrased to make it clear, fluent, and in line with the original purpose.

Key Features of WordTune

  • Rewrite: Explore new ways to rephrase sentences. The free version allows for 10 rewrites per day, while the premium version offers unlimited rewrites​​.
  • Casual & Formal Tones: Adjust the tone of your text to match your subject matter. This feature is available unlimitedly in the premium version.
  • Shorten & Expand: Change the length of your text to suit your format. This feature is also unlimited in the premium version.
  • Paragraph Rewrite: With the premium version, you can rewrite entire paragraphs for better efficiency.
  • Premium Support: Premium users get prioritized service.

Say goodbye to editors and hello to AI.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a tool that makes it seemingly easy for you to create professional and visually appealing designs for various of projects. It can be used to create a range of content from presentations to ebooks.

I used this tool to create the thumbnail image on this post:

free ai tools

I simply typed:

“a blog post thumbnail on artificial intelligence computers”


Playground AI uses AI-driven algorithms to generate images from text in many different styles like analog, oil paintings, retro-futurism and many others.

Here are a few examples I made over Stockholm.

The images that you get from it are detailed and photo realistic with dynamic lightning and volumetric effects.

You can play around with its unique looks and get images in 4K and 8K. Playground AI is a versatile tool for designers who want to create presentations, posters, videos, logos, or whatever.

This tool also works flawlessly with Unreal Engine, Octane Render, and Studio Ghibli.


There are over 200 AI tools. Many of them does the same job but some does a bad job and others a good job.

These tools here are used by professionals because the tools themselves are top grade software.