10 Profitable Blog Topics for Beginners +25 Post Ideas 2023

I have already found the best blog topics for beginners. Each topic includes over 25 researched keywords so you can start writing your first post today.

You cannot succeed if you don’t write about a topic people are interested in. Too many competitors make it harder.

Here are the best blog ideas for beginners:

Skin Brightening

Blog Topics for Beginners

In 2021, this niche was worth 52 million dollars. You’ll only see more growth, so get started.

profitable blog niche

Serums can even your skin tone in weeks, making this niche profitable. Simple to use and does not leave a greasy residue on your skin.

You can blog about a variety of products. Serum blends and standalone products.


Solid growth is expected in the industry. New products and technologies emerge.

You should take advantage of this news if you intend to become a blogger in the future. When you have mastered the whitening niche, you can expand later.

it is one of the best blog topics for beginners who wish to scale big in the future.

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Baby Care

Blog Topics for Beginners

Your target audience is mothers and couples with kids between two and three years old.

Grand View Research estimates that this niche will be valued at $ 214 billion by 2021.

baby care niche

Now is the time to get into this niche if you care about babies. Create brand awareness and loyalty. Brands are already raking in money from mommy bloggers and influencers.


Organic products are preferred by parents. And that should be your focus when you start.

You can earn money with how-to guides and reviews on the best products.

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Insect & Pest Control

Blog Topics for Beginners

The goal of this niche is to prevent and eliminate pests and insects. Crops are affected as well as humans.

The market is worth 19$ billion in 2019 and will grow by 4.5% a year from 2020-2027.

Pests and insects can damage crops, resulting in losses for farmers and higher food prices for consumers. In addition, insects can spread diseases and pose a health risk to humans.

niche idea for bloggers

Many people want to know how they can manage and prevent an infestation before it happens.

A lot of people search for cricket traps on Google, and it is easy to rank and get free traffic from the search engine. You can, for example, write a post on the best cricket traps.

A blog in this niche can give you a strong online presence. But you must write high-quality blog posts. Getting traffic and building a loyal audience will be easy if you do this.


As well as being profitable, this niche is also important to public health, agriculture, and the environment.

Providing quality content will make you stand out.

Here is another keyword people are searching for if you doubt this niche:

profitable blog insect repellent

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Lights (Strip Light/LEDs/House Lights)

blog niche that makes money

This niche has grown rapidly because of energy-efficient lights and new tech.

Worth 10 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow 20% a year until 2028.

These lights come in many designs and colors.

And your audience is broad.

Another reason it has grown so fast is because you can control the lights remotely. You can also schedule the lights, and adjust the color and brightness.

Warehouse and retail stores with large spaces have also contributed to this growth. They shift to cost-effective lights with long lifespans to save money.

The entertainment industry has also seen the benefits of dynamic lightning. You can dim or brighten certain lights in different areas. Good for concerts and theaters.


The trend is smart lights. People can control the lights with voice commands, apps, and motion sensors.

The growth is mainly because of innovative tech and design.

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Power Tools

This niche has experienced rapid growth because of cordless tools.

New advancement in tech has made tools more mobile and flexible.

This niche market is expected to grow by 4 percent annually.

Power tools are popular for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Another factor is the ergonomic design. Companies are creating tools that are comfortable to hold and use. This is to reduce work-related injuries.


This is one of the best blog topics for beginners who enjoy DIY or want to make solid money.

Your reviews and recommendations will be helpful to DIYers and professionals.

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Hair Care

This niche has many products and services for you to blog about.

People present themselves largely through their hair.

Someone’s hair condition reflects overall health and well-being. It is also a way of expressing one’s self.

Valued at 80$ billion in 2020 and expected to grow 6.6% annually to 2028.

The latest and original hair products are responsible for this growth.

Bloggers who want to become successful must focus on establishing a brand with marketing strategies in order to drive long-term growth by satisfying consumer demands.


A huge marketing strategy in this niche is to stress the quality of products and build loyal followers.

Your blog needs to introduce new and exciting products. A new trending product is shea butter.

This niche is profitable and gives you an opportunity to step inside a lucrative market.

If you start in this niche, you can focus on organic hair care products first and then expand into other areas.

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Hair Removal

This is a growing niche and society’s beauty standards have a lot to do with it. Hairless legs, underarms, and bikini lines are considered attractive in many cultures.

The market will reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2027. Cultural norms, personal taste, and technology are responsible.

Hair removal products and reviews are in demand. With so many products, people want your blog published sooner than later.


This is one of the best blog topics for beginners who want to expand.

Hair removal for men is one sub-niche that hasn’t been fully explored.

This niche has women and men of all ages. Publish your blog before summer time.

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Off-Grid Living

People who want to be self-sufficient without public utilities fit this niche.

Off-grid living is becoming more popular. Products and services are in high demand.

Electricity is getting expensive. Many people are looking to save money in different and creative ways.

It is now possible to live off-grid comfortably. It is more accessible. Thanks to technology solar panels, wind turbines, and other energy sources are cheaper.

People want to know how to install solar panels, dig a well, or build composting toilets.


There’s a growing demand for products and services.

Your blog must be a great source of information if you want to make money.

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Backyard Farming

This niche has grown as well because people want a self-sufficient life. Pairs well with the niche above.

Valued at 4$ billion in 2021 and expected to grow yearly by 15% to 2030.

You can make a blog in this niche and also cover backyard farming. This way, you will have plenty of work to do.

Backyard farming is all about growing fruits, vegetables, and raising animals.

The reason this is one of the best blog topics for beginners is that it fits with the off-grid topic discussed above. This gives you room to expand your blog.


This niche brings many opportunities for individuals and small businesses. The need for products and services will grow. How-to guides and unbiased, in-depth reviews are needed.

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Car Care

best niche for blogging with low competition

This is a good niche to start in because there’s a dedicated audience. They want your advice on how to keep the car looking pristine.

As disposable incomes grow, the market will grow by 3% annually by 2030. Your products and services could be of interest to a steady stream of potential customers. You will also gain recognition from new audiences as the market expands.

There’s a demand for high-quality content. Everything from polishing to repair to maintenance can be tackled.

If you establish yourself as a trustworthy source, expect a steady income from affiliate marketing and other types of monetization.  Consumers want well-researched, well-written content. Your affiliate links and ads will be more effective if you provide reliable, informative content.


If you are somewhat passionate about cars, this is one of the best blog topics for beginners.

People want high-quality guides. If you like cars, then this niche is definitely yours.

With commitment and a little bit of passion, expect to make solid money.

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What is the importance of niche blogging?

It allows you to focus on one specific topic to make yourself an expert in the field. This will give you trust and followers

How do I know if a niche has low competition?

Keyword research tools allow you to check whether a niche is competitive or not.

Can I blog in multiple niches?

Yes, it is possible but more challenging to make yourself an expert in the topic.

How can I monetize my blog in a low-competition niche?

You can use affiliate marketing, which means you promote other brands’ products and they give you a cut. YOu can also put ads on your blog and make money with Google Adsense

Conclusion: Blog Topics for Beginners

Now you know the best blog topics for beginners to start making some Benjamins.

It’s also important to focus on topics people want to know about as a beginner. People want information or advice about topics they’re interested in. You’ll attract readers and make money if you can answer a common question or solve a problem.

Choose one above and use the information to know what to write about in each niche.

With the information I provided, you don’t have to research what to write.

Get blogging!